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SEO agency in U.S.

One of the most reputable SEO service providers in the US with almost every client returning back because of their satisfaction with the work done by the team.

The company offers a complete suite of web promotion services at reasonable prices including packages on Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Press Release Distribution, Video Marketing, Content Writing, Article Marketing, Blog Submission, Blog Carnival service, Squidoo & Hub pages Lens/Hub Creation, Classified Ads Submission, Website Setup, Keyword Research, Search Engine Indexing, Local Business Listing, Link Building and SEO Consulting.

It is helping business persons and marketers to get their sites ranked highly in results of the major search engines.


The client was looking for a reliable offshore Internet Marketing services provider to expand its SEO offerings and augment its top line revenues while decreasing costs.


The defining USP of the client was offering cost-effective and qualitative SEO services to individuals and businesses. It was committed to long term relationships and offering good value for the money consumers spent.

The client was looking on to provide best value SEO services at an affordable price tag of $XXX, which included 200 plus Unique Social Bookmarking, 500 plus Directory Submissions, 80 plus Press Release Submissions and 100 plus Article Submissions. If the time spent in these SEO submission activities is calculated, the average hourly labor cost as per the US standards works out to $300. The following table contains the details on effort estimation.

SEO Activity Items Man Hours Required
Unique Social Bookmarking 275 8
Directory Submissions 1000 10
Press Release Submissions 100 4
Article Marketing 200 8
Total Man Hours   30
Average Cost $10 per hour** $300

**Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_income_in_the_United_States


It is useful to consider the US Census Bureau estimates on personal income by educational attainment through the following table.

Measure Some High School High School Graduate Some College Associate’s Degree Bachelor’s Degree or higher
Persons, age 25+ w/earnings $20,321 $26,505 $31,056 $35,009 $49,303
Male, age 25+ w/earnings $24,192 $32,085 $39,150 $42,382 $60,493
Female, age 25+ w/earnings $15,073 $21,117 $25,185 $29,510 $40,483
Persons, age 25+, employed full-time $25,039 $31,539 $37,135 $40,588 $56,078
Average Per Annum $21,156.25 $27,811.50 $33,131.50 $36,872.25 $51,589.25
Average Per Month $1,763.02 $2,317.63 $2,760.96 $3,072.69 $4,299.10
Average Per Hour $10.25 $13.47 $16.05 $17.86 $24.99

The above data shows that the distribution of median income among individuals differs substantially on the basis of education, with the lowest wage averaging $10 an hour. On the basis of the above calculation, the sale price of a promotion package works out to around $397 after factoring in on infrastructure, marketing and client’s markup costs.

However, the client wanted to sell the package at $190. To make this possible, it was required that at least 25% margins ($47.5) of the client were safe in each package after restricting the actual cost to $143 for 30 man hours— something realizable only if a resource was available at $5 an hour. This hourly rate, however, was way below the minimum $7.25 hourly rate prevailing in the US in 2009.


The solution was not far when Creative Lipi answered the challenge and responded with a cost-efficient solution.

We designed and proposed an outsourcing service model that not only ensured client's profitability but also facilitated a skilled resource deployment within the estimated hourly costs.

We offered to setup a dedicated office of 20 seats in our Faridabad business unit for processing the specified number of work orders.

To cope with the demands of economy and scale in the future, the management at Creative Lipi, in a rare display of corporate foresight, proactively suggested reserving a slightly bigger office of 1500 square feet for these SEO operations.

Proposal for Office For 15 Seats

Details Expense Man-hours
Rent of 1500 s.ft. Furnished Office @Rs.50 per s.ft. 75000.00  
1 Manager Salary 60000.00 172.00
2 Team Leaders @30000 60000.00 344.00
12 Submitters @15000 180000.00 2064.00
1 HR / Recruiter 180000.00  
1 IT Support 30000.00  
1 Accountant / Admin 25000.00  
2 Help Staff 20000.00  
Electricity Bill 15000.00  
Generator Rent 20000.00  
Generator Fuel 15000.00  
Internet 15000.00  
ESI (Insurance) & Provident Fund 10000.00  
Refreshment for 19 14250.00  
Maintenance and Misc. Expense 14000.00  
Creative Lipi Markup @ 15% of Salary 58500.00  
Total 641750.00 2580.00
Effective Per Seat Per Man Hour Cost in INR 248.74  
Effective Per Seat Per Man Hour Cost in USD 4.97  

The above chart shows the details of the operational expenses proposed for a dedicated, outsourced client office of 15 seats.

Creative Lipi offered to fulfill all work orders of the client at $5 per hour for 15 working seats for 172 hours a month.

The actual orders were generated at the client website after customers bought submission packages and made accessible to the Creative Lipi team. The team fulfilled these within the stipulated time and uploaded the reports in real time.

The following solutions were implemented for the client:

  • Dedicated office space was located, rented and setup for commencing SEO activities.
  • The scheduled SEO activities were carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 certified processes and supervision of Six Sigma qualified project management professionals.
  • Live CCTV streams of the operation floor activities were provided to the client.
  • Data from the Biometric Staff Attendance machine was regularly shared with client for transparency in actual man-hours billed.
  • One of the directors of the company, a Bruce Clay certified SEO professional, provided the benefits of his experience to the team.


Within a year of its inception in July 2009, this cost-efficient outsourcing model with 15 resources hired at a rate of $5 per man hour proved advantageous to the client, who was able to deploy freed resources in getting new business for the company.

Experiencing a positive boost in its business, which grew five times in 2011, the client readily approved a ramp-up of resources to a team size of 70. Considering the volume of new operations, Creative Lipi approached the clients with a competitive offer of $4 per hour rates.

The client continues to be a patron of our Internet marketing services.