Website Content Writing

Considering that most websites rely on search to be found by users, it is important to create websites that are both user- and search-friendly. Focusing on one without due attention to the other will never yield the desired business results. Creative Lipi employs a team of skilled writers and webmasters who help you market yourself to both search engines and the most likely prospects for your service, all at the same time.

Some people describe search engines as the third “browser.” Considering the increasing number of people using search engines to find the information that they need, it is important to structure the site content in a way that search engines can read it. To this intent, we partner with your in-house team to make the necessary content and structural improvements that make your site easier to “crawl” by search spiders. This in turn ensures that your site’s pages are indexed by all major search providers and can be displayed in results when a prospect types in the relevant keywords.

Great ranking and traffic are not enough, if they do not ultimately boost sales and product loyalty. Our team can create compelling, easy-to-understand content that promotes decision making. We also work to improve the overall usability of the site for a better customer experience (which also in turn boosts search rankings).

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