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Can You Schedule Your Social Media Updates?

The short answer here is “yes, you can”. Every business and individual knows how tough it is to keep on top of the social media world, particularly if you happen to be ultra-busy. Staying connected with your community is now simplified, thanks to a multitude of social management tools that help you schedule your social media updates at zero cost.

There are several paid services but here is list of some of the most popular free services that is worth checking out if you or your business have an wide-spread online social media presence.


First on the list is Hootsuite, an apps-rich service across various platforms to help you schedule social media updates. Hootsuite supports iPhone and Android mobile apps, Windows, Mac and Linux desktop apps and also gives you convenient add-ons for Firefox and Chrome browsers. With the desktop and web-based apps you can schedule Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare and Ping.fm. Only Twitter and Facebook are supported by the mobile apps.


This lets you log in with your Facebook or Twitter account and you can edit and schedule updates to multiple Twitter accounts and one Facebook account according to your preferred time zone.


TweetSched can be downloaded on to your desktop and you can schedule your tweets from there with the help of the text box, add button and queue.


CoTweet lets you monitor your brand’s Twitter accounts and keep your customers engaged. You can schedule your tweets by time and date. With CoTweet, you can also send your updates to Ping.fm. By configuring Ping.fm you can send your updates to other social platforms linked to your Ping.fm account.


Twuffer lets you sign in with your Twitter account and schedule tweets. There is no editing option after you queue them, although you can delete them and begin afresh. You also have the option of showing your tweets on the Twuffer home page.

Dynamic Tweets

With Dynamic Tweets you can schedule your tweets on Twitter by hour and date. You can also upload a CSV file of your tweets with all the relevant information such as time, date, tracking code, Twitter account and tweet. This is particularly convenient if you have a huge tweet-plan.


No, that’s not a spelling error. Once you sign up with Twaitter, you can schedule your tweets with this service. You can also shorten your URLs and use the spellcheck and translation facilities. Twaitter also lets you connect to your Ping.fm account and schedule updates on both Ping.fm and Twitter.

If you prefer to focus on Twitter alone, here are some no-cost services you can use to keep your “Tweeple” updated about your business or social life.


With FutureTweets, you can use Twitter OAuth to log in and tweet after choosing your time zone.


This is a by invite only free service where you can log in with your Twitter account, set your time zone and tweet frequency. You can queue your tweets at your desired intervals.


With Taweet, you answer the question, “What’s happening in the future?” and thus, you can schedule tweets related to future event announcements. Your followers can see this update and decide whether they want to join you.


This service allows you to schedule your tweet, schedule private messages and email tweets. You can select the date, time, message and also whether you want it to be a recurring tweet. You can edit or delete your queued tweets. You can tweet via email with your Tweet-U-Later email id and the provided format.

Paid services that let you schedule your social media updates include Objective Marketer, SocialTALK, Vitrue, AMP, Postling, Sendible, Buzzom Premium, Media Funnel, Converse, SocialOomph and Social Tomorrow. Some of these offer limited free trials you might want to try out.

Social networking is practically the new internet and scheduling your social updates with the tools available, is the way to go.

Do share your user experiences with any of the services you have tried. If you know of or use any other free services not covered here, do share them.