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Rutherfordtas Answering service


Client : Rutherford Answering Service, New Jersey, USA

Leading Answering Service Company doubles localized search engine traffic and gets first page ranking for targeted keywords in less than 6 months by implementing Search Engine Optimization program.

The Company: Rutherford Answering Service, New Jersey, USA is a 25-year old company that caters to customers in the state of New Jersey, United States. They focus on providing personalized service to a loyal customer base with competitive pricing, top notch service, state of the art technology translating to an unmatched value for money proposition.

Business Challenge: The New Jersey market is highly competitive for the client’s service and therefore the company was finding it difficult to rank high in local searches in major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Competition Analysis: Competitor analysis revealed the following data at the time of starting the project.


URL Google Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks Bing Backlinks PR Index Page
http://www.efls.com 47 9525 2 4 307
http://www.a-1messagecenter.com 14 450 No 3 20
http://www.answerconnect.com 34 1727 No 4 972
http://www.messagesplus.com/ 50 4615 No 4 417
http://www.answercustomer.com 6 872 No 3 39
http://rutherfordtas.com/ 0 10 6 1 19


Keywords competition for given keywords was as follows:

Keywords Competition
answering service 8,470,000
new jersey telephone answering service 278,000
answering service new jersey 226,000
NJ answering service 6,900
answering service NJ 66,100
new jersey answering service 589,000

As the data indicates, performance on key website health metrics (as relevant to search) was an issue. Compounding the difficulty was the high competition for the relevant localized keywords. The site also needed a complete makeover to enhance visitor experience and increase prospect conversion.

Our Solution: We decided to offer a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy and web redesign implementation program which included the below activities:

  • Reworking the site to match W3 guidelines.
  • Uploading Meta information keeping local searches in focus.
  • Reducing page load time and removed crawler non friendly objects.
  • Submitting client site to local listings, yellow pages and other local information-based sites.
  • Initiating link exchange with other related business sites in the area.
  • Leveraging online bloggers, news activity and content syndication to build three way links and content based links.
  • Achieving site listing on all the major search engine map listings.
  • Distributing local press releases to create referral link popularity in the company’s area of operation.
  • Implementing a link building campaign for high quality links through content creation
  • Implementing web analytics to monitor traffic and site performance.
  • Conducting deep research on sites in the New Jersey region and refined the database to identify local resources such as local news distribution sites, bloggers and other active internet users to build links.
  • Exploring niche local resources to highlight client site in its area of operation

Consequently, the website showed a dramatic increase in website metrics as given below:

  Google Back links Yahoo Back links Bing Back links PR Indexed Pages
Before 0 10 6 1 19
After 5 72 58 2 22


The Result: As a result of the above efforts, the client site recorded more than a 100% increase in search engine traffic by the end of the project. All targeted niche keywords also moved from 'No RANK' to a rank within `the top 10’ for 5 out of 6 keywords.


Keywords Google Rank Before SEO Google Rank After SEO
Answering service NO Rank 5
Answering service new jersey NO Rank 3
NJ answering service NO Rank 2
Answering service NJ NO Rank 1
New jersey answering service NO Rank 2
New jersey telephone answering service NO Rank 13