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Reputation Roadmap

Reputation Building or Recovery has no deadline...it is at best a roadmap

A valuable brand commands better recall and more positive associations which translate to better earning opportunities, employability as well as an ability to counteract negative voices / press when required for the brand owner. Branding is essential to commanding a premium, building mind share or sometimes just getting heard. Creative Lipi offers a highly metric oriented, consultative approach to your online image management which is customized to your unique reputation goals.

We typically start with a detailed reputation analysis to assess the current reputation, the extent of damage (if any), possible reasons and the best way to address the same. We then create a roadmap unique to your situation and goals. These typically include the below steps:

  • Reputation Monitoring: We use a combination of tools and patented techniques to keep you updated on your online reputation wins as well as concern areas.
  • Reputation Building: We provide consultancy and support for creating and implementing a long-term reputation strategy. This includes building corporate assets such as blogs, profiles, and forums that improve communication and engagement with relevant communities.
  • Reputation Safeguarding: We work with you to second guess the proverbial chinks in the armor and create contingency plans if something was to go wrong.
  • Reputation Repair: In times of trouble, we offer innovative, out-of-the-box solutions in the form of a customized roadmap that helps you reconnect with customers and rebuild the lost trust.
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Most of our clients prefer a combination of the above and there is no particular order that we advise. Each organization is unique and has achieved different milestones on their reputation journey.

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