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Client Voices

PPC Campaign

At Creative Lipi, we can help improve your keyword management by customizing your keyword advertising text to maximize your online marketing impact. Our team of online marketing professionals has the expertise to make an in-depth analysis of your site and find keywords that could turn out to be truly priceless bargains.

We can find targeted search terms for your business and lower your cost per click, and at the same time, also improve the quality of your Pay Per Click (PPC) search traffic. Our online marketing experts can boost your click through rate and traffic with a higher return on investment. We do this by creating compelling descriptions, URLs, and headlines that are designed to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Creative Lipi’s professional PPC account management can help you have a better control over your monthly PPC advertisement budget by cutting down the chances of overbids and bid gaps. You can also be assured of an excellent ROI in the long term.

Regardless of the slump in online advertising and marketing, search engine marketing continues to thrive and grow. People are finally catching on to the power of search engine marketing. While search engine optimization can be an intensive and hugely time consuming process, PPC advertising is fast, easy, and flexible. Creative Lipi can create a customized and perfect PPC management campaign, specifically designed to help you meet your marketing targets.

Optimizing your keyword bids and monitoring them can be time consuming and distracting, but not when you choose Creative Lipi for your PPC marketing goals. We manage everything for you, so that you can focus on building your business and servicing your customers.

Our clients are free to choose from the various PPC Strategies we offer, according to their needs, type of product, and budget. We adhere to a very specific tactic and flow for PPC projects that have the potential to offer added benefits and can go beyond a simple SEO campaign strategy.

Pre-Campaign Evaluation:

We evaluate the requirement levels of PPC for your campaign, present market demands, and create strategies based on keywords, daily budget, cost per click, daily traffic, and others.

Keywords Research:

Undoubtedly, keywords research is the most critical factor for any effective PPC campaign. We choose keywords which can help you get the best 'Click through Ratio' and 'ROI.' We make sure that the keywords we choose match the changing competition level and are in line with the geographical importance of your market.

Creating an Effective Campaign:

We create multiple PPC accounts in top search engines as per the needs of our clients. Various ad groups are then created to enhance the campaign’s effectiveness and success potential.

Monitoring the Responses

We have the tools and resources to monitor the response to PPC campaigns. Changes and additions are made at this stage to achieve the highest level of performance of the campaign.

Ongoing Monitoring:

We ensure continuous monitoring of the PPC campaign and constantly track the effectiveness of the keywords and phrases every month. Detailed responses are provided to queries. Our ongoing monitoring allows clients to achieve the highest levels of ROI.