SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Outsourcing Services

  • More than 8 years’ experience in digital marketing
  • 100% white hat SEO practices
  • Page #1 success stories from across the globe
  • ISO 9008 Certified processes
  • Complete confidentiality. All reports will be rebranded.

Outsourcing your basic SEO processes to an expert low cost provider is a great way to add to your client list without increasing your infrastructural costs. Creative Lipi provides component level SEO services that span standardized packages as well as strategic consulting in a variety of formats to suit your needs. Our work is backed by robust processes and reporting mechanisms that allow you complete control as well as updated information at all times.

  • Consulting Services: We provide end-to-end, brand specific, customized internet strategy solutions which include research, analysis,  recommendations and implementation. These are `result based’ services in which we deliver on actual success metrics (ranking, social media followers…etc.) as agreed upon with your client.  
  • Packaged Services: We offer standardized SEO packages with predetermined activity / result based deliverables (bookmarking, submission activities…etc.) to suit your client’s budget and goals. You can mark these up and sell them forward as required under your company name.
  • Hire a resource:  We allow you to choose an individual resource from our large talent pool of    highly skilled and trained resources who work with you to fulfill your marketing goals. These individual resources can work dedicatedly on predetermined SEO goals set by you.
  • Hire a Team:  Instead of a single resource, you can take on a full services SEO team to service your online marketing requirements. These resources can work on both standard packaged services or strategic goal implementation.
  • Affiliate: Our affiliate model offers the  easiest approach to a business relationship. Simply refer our services to those in your network, including friends to earn affiliate commissions for every signup from your referrals.  
  • White label reseller: This model allows you outsource specific processes or services. With no initial overheads, you run the show with full ownership of clients and freedom to set your profit margins. We remain in the backend executing your services with total confidentiality.