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Online Reputation Management

Do you control your online reputation?

Other people are busy shaping your online identity as you read this message-people who include unethical competitors, disgruntled ex-employees, and even irresponsible pranksters. People who have the power to hurt your brand value with one careless word or review. Don't leave your biggest asset to chance-get Reputation Insurance with our ORM services.

Most people today rely on the internet when hiring a new employee, preparing for an interview, making a sales pitch or even before going out on a blind date. A simple click throws up vast amounts of information helping the user be better informed / prepared regardless of their goal. This explains why a search engine is often referred to as a `reputation engine’. What the top few links say (or even don’t say) will impact the way you and your business is perceived. Not owning or `controlling’ enough online real estate often translates to lost opportunities and lower business efficiency regardless of your industry or business model.

Creative Lipi offers a highly metric oriented, consultative approach to your online image management which is customized to your unique reputation goals. Some of the biggest advantages of our content writing services include:

  • Building a targeted user base: We use social media engagement in combination with SEO techniques to ensure that we build your name brand only in the most relevant CXO communities / media rather than targeting a simple Google search. This ensures that we spend on only the most relevant prospects which equals to lower cost per lead / follower.
  • Increased efficiency in business development: A credible online brand works for you 24x7 and helps reduce ongoing sales and marketing effort. A larger user base also gives you the luxury of choosing your clients rather than the other way around.
  • Increased work/diversification options for personal brands: Powerful brands stand for a set of values which can lend themselves to books, consultancy support, speaking opportunities or even promoting other products and services.
  • Increase in `earned media’: Creating a band of `follower’s or brand loyalists is not only the best way to market a business (especially your kind), it is also the best kind of reputation insurance for a brand in the public eye.

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