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Do you need Online Reputation Management Services?

The reputation of a person or company is perhaps not only most valuable to them, but also their most fragile asset. A good brand image can take years to build and moments to destroy.

The proliferation of social media, coupled with increased reliance on search engines, has brought unique opportunities as well as risks for everyone. It has made every consumer voice as powerful as that of a journalist, many times over. Power is wont to be misused, a fact that naturally poses huge risks for any business or name in the public eye. There are risks in the form of hostile ex-employees, unethical competitors, and disgruntled customers who can post their grievances, true or false, online. In addition to these, there are dedicated sites that welcome negative comments and grievances which are then exploited to build traffic. As all these sites are interactive and text-based, the content is quickly picked up by the search engines and sits on top of the rankings, making it the first thing people read about you.

The only way to insure oneself against such libel is to invest in online asset creation that can be leveraged in times of crisis. Having open channels of communication with the public cannot make the problem disappear, but it can minimize or help contain the damage. In some cases, it can even lead to the birth of brand evangelists which will help you protect your reputation.

While online reputation management services can help you control the damage through a combination of strategic tools, the solution will often lie in a close examination of the problem at hand. No agency or reputation consultancy can project something that is not. We pride ourselves on our inside-out reputation management approach that helps you actually become what you want to be seen as.

Most Online Reputation Management programs comprises four basic services:

  • Reputation Monitoring: At Creative Lipi, we utilize a combination of tools and patented techniques to keep you updated on your online reputation wins as well as concern areas.
  • Reputation Building: This involves consultancy and support for creating and implementing a long-term reputation strategy. This includes building corporate assets such as blogs, profiles, and forums that improve communication and engagement with relevant communities.
  • Reputation Safeguarding: We work with you to second guess the proverbial chinks in the armor and create contingency plans if something was to go wrong.
  • Reputation Repair: In times of trouble, we offer innovative, out-of-the-box solutions in the form of a customized roadmap that helps you reconnect with customers and rebuild the lost trust.

Most of our clients prefer a combination of the above and there is no particular order that we advise. Each organization is unique and has achieved different milestones on their reputation journey.