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Medical Billing

Elite Clinical Solutions

Creative Lipi offers Medical Billing Services under the name of Elite Clinical Solutions

Medical billing services have been growing in importance as more and more healthcare service providers realize the importance of outsourcing. No organization can afford to allocate a substantial part of its resources toward non-core activities in today’s competitive environment. In order to sharpen their core competence and enhance competitive efficiencies, increasing number of healthcare service providers are outsourcing their non-core functions like medical billing.

At Creative Lipi, we aim to disengage you from your non-core functions like billing and help you focus better on your revenue-generating core functions. We have unique solutions that combine the finest knowledge systems with highly effective web-based functions. They are tailor-made to ensure reimbursement of claims, optimum pricing, inclusion of all applicable charges, and error-free coding among others. The result is an assured increase in your revenues through a higher level of efficiency.

The Creative Lipi Advantage

Outsourcing your medical billing functions to Creative Lipi offers a number of advantages.

  • Focus on core business
    You can focus better on your core business functions and thereby increase your competitive edge by offering better services.
  • Better cost control
    You will be able to leverage our efficiency and competitive pricing to control your operating costs substantially.
  • Leverage our core competency
    Since these healthcare functions are a part of our core business and being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we continuously invest in improving our deliverables to sharpen our competitive edge. You can leverage these capabilities to improve your performance considerably.
  • Optimizing resource management
    You can conveniently avoid mobilizing, managing and sustaining extensive resources in-house for your non-core functions. These can be a major strain because of the massive scale involved.
  • Receive regular reports/updates
    You are provided  weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports as part of an integral process followed in every assignment we undertake. Accordingly, SWOT Analysis is done, and performance reviewed to ensure continuous improvement.