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EBook Writing Service

An e-book, or electronic book, is a cost-effective way to establish yourself as an expert in your area of business and promote your brand. It is a powerful tool for marketing your business. An e-book can offer much more detailed information about you, your company and your products or services than traditional marketing materials. You can provide readers with your personal story, the history of your product or service, the position of your brand within the context of the market, or virtually any other information that you think might be relevant to your customers.

Creative Lipi's ebook writing service can help you create an effective, well-researched e-book that delivers the information you want. Your e-book will be the perfect complement to your current marketing materials. You have the option of giving us existing material to organize, revise and polish into an e-book, or we can begin from scratch and research and write your e-book for you.

Benefits of an e-book

  • Your e-book can be offered on your website as a bonus or a free download
  • You can sell your e-book for profit
  • You can use the e-book to promote your products and services
  • Your e-book can include links to your affiliate programs
  • You can use your e-book to educate your prospects and customers and strengthen your position in the market
  • You can build a better relationship with your website visitors

E-books are easy to create and environmentally friendly. Just about anyone can download it onto a computer, PDA or mobile phone to read at a convenient time.

Creative Lipi will ensure that your e-book is properly formatted for your readers. We will include royalty-free images along with their links. We have created hundreds of e-books with compelling content for our regular clients.

If you believe you have more to say about yourself, your company or your products and services than you can fit into a few web pages, an e-book may be the right marketing tool for you. Contact us right away to discuss your needs, and ask for a no obligation quote today for our ebook writing service!