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Website promotion services provide a global reach for an enterprise through the Internet. The popularity of a website is directly proportional to the number of hits or visits to the website. With the promotion services of a website done effectively, it is bound to have a large number of hits.

Search engines play a key role in promoting a website. These engines index the content on the Web pages of all the websites. The content on a website should be high on the preferred keywords. However, care should be taken not to overuse the keywords, as this is considered as spamming by the search engine. It is recommended to use search engine optimization or SEO to improve the search engine rankings.

For search engine optimization, you must follow certain guidelines while creating a website.

1. Each Web page on the website should have a title consisting of keywords. The title should be of around 5-8 words. Try to avoid the use of filler words such as “the” or “a,” but ensure that the title is readable. The title should be visible on top of the Web page.

2. The home page of the website should have descriptive keywords, along with the name of the company.

3. Think from users’ point of view as to how they will search for the product or information present on the website. These should be the keywords for the website. This is also known as keyword prominence.

4. A description about the website can be included in the META tag of the mark-up language used for creating the website.

5. The keywords should be included in the headers and sub-headers of each Webpage on the website, apart from positioning them in the first paragraph of the content on each page.

6. Navigation on the website should be search engine-friendly. Avoid using JavaScript and Flash menus for navigation.

7. Use of keywords in hyperlinks is also beneficial as search engines consider the information in the hyperlinks as important.

8. A site map and Web pages focused on the keywords will improve the ranking of the website.

As part of website promotion services, the website should be submitted to trade organization and specialized sites. It is recommended to list the website in the local business directory, apart from listing in other key directories. A press release can be issued, apart from promoting the website on social media sites.

Sending out unsolicited e-mails, flooding newsgroups with redundant and irrelevant ads are some unacceptable ways of website promotion services. This increases the traffic on the Internet, which is not acceptable and is liable for legal action.

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