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So, you have written a great blog post or article and want the whole world to see it! Or maybe, you have come across amazing content you would like to share. Thanks to the Internet, it is now easy to share just about anything – text, video and images across the web. The most common ways to do that are via blogs, social media networks, while you’re chatting or through your mobile phone. But that’s not all.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular and effective ways to get your content the maximum number of views.


The easiest and most popular way to share your content is via Twitter, by tweeting the link. You don’t have to worry about lengthy URLs when your message must fit in 140 words; there is an automatic URL shortener that takes care of it.


The world’s largest social networking site lets you share links, videos, images and blog posts by simply posting a link on your profile from where it can be re-shared by others.


This news site is extremely popular and for most bloggers, getting on its front page is the Holy Grail because it guarantees the maximum number of views.


MySpace is considered the second largest social networking site and lets you share links and content on your profile where friends can view it and pass it on.


This business network is a highly respected and popular site where professionals connect. Sharing content and links here guarantees a wide reach.


StumbleUpon is a site where people share fun stuff and information by “stumbling” the post. Their handy toolbar can be downloaded on to your browser to help you conveniently stumble upon interesting links and articles.


A highly popular bookmarking site, Delicious is ideal for sharing content through bookmarking. It also lets you put the content in the right category so that people can easily find it. Delicious lets you import your bookmarks to your Facebook and Friendfeed accounts.


This brings us to FriendFeed, a social media aggregator with a community of people actively sharing their favorite videos, content, etc. via the bookmarklet on the site.


Reddit is a social media site that lets you share and vote for articles and submit links.

Besides the above social media sites, you can also share your favorite blogs and content via blogs by:

  • Reblogging
  • Google reader
  • Tumblr or Posterous

A great way to share something you like is by blogging about it, especially if it is relevant to your own blog content. You can write an interesting post that invites reader interaction.
Google Reader allows you to share content with your Google friends. Google Buzz lets you share articles and also add notes or comments on them.

Tumblr and Posterous are the sites for those who do not want to spend time writing an entire blog post about something, yet share it with all their connections.

Other ways to maximize your blog posts and content by sharing is through:

  • Browser extensions

If you use Firefox, there is a handy toolbar extension you can install called “shareaholic” via which you can post your links to all the major social media networks without actually visiting them individually.


Almost everyone has no time to spare and steps in to save you even more time by letting you share your links on all the social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other networks that you may belong to. also lets you update from your instant messenger.

  • TwitThat

Another quick and easy way to share your blog post links is throughTwitThat which posts to Twitter. Once you get the TwitThat bookmarklet on your browser toolbar, you can easily click it to share your own sites or any content that appeals to you.

What if your contacts are not on the social media networks?

Finally, you can also use the time-tested traditional ways of sharing your content. This includes emailing it to those you want to share it with. This works for those who are not on any of the social media networks. You can share content via text messages on sites that feature the ShareThis button below their blogposts where you can choose the “text” option. So, if your connection uses an iPhone or a cell phone with a browser, you can easily share the article with them.

Most of us have a long list of instant messenger contacts. IM programs also allow you to add a status message, which can be a link you like, or your own links. Those on your contact list see your status message right away and click through to read it. You can change the status as and when you come across something worth sharing.

Social media marketing and social media optimization are SEO strategies that are being implemented by organizations that recognize the value of social networking.

What methods do you use to reach your niche market?

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