Tips For Technical Report Writing

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Whether you are a professor, an engineer, a manager, a scientist, or software professional, you should master the skill of technical report writing in order to make a mark in your field. Technical reports are of different types: progress reports, research reports, inspection reports, test reports, and evaluation reports, but the method of writing them is more or less the same.

Here Are Some Tips For Technical Report Writing.

Use Formal Language

You should always write technical reports in the third person language. Avoid using slang and cliches. Keep the content to the point. Irrespective of your knowledge about the subject, write the report confidently. It should appear to the readers that you have a good command over the subject.

Structure Of Report

Technical reports usually follow a standard structure. You should organize information in the following sequence in your report.

• Title Page
• Executive Summary
• Acknowledgements
• Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Methodology
• Findings
• Results
• Inference
• Recommendations
• References
• Appendix


Illustrations are an important part of a technical report. Graphs, figures, tables, and equations help to understand data and findings in a better manner. Include the right diagrams at the right place. Always label the diagrams and graphs properly for easy reference. Nothing puts off a reader more than flipping pages of the report to find figures. Therefore, organize your business technical writing work in such a manner that is easy to read and understand.

Divide Sections Into Sub-Sections For The Ease Of Readers

Most people do not read the entire report from the beginning till the end. Some of them, first, read the introduction and the conclusion only. If they find that interesting or useful, then they quickly scan through the sections of interest or use to them. Therefore, give clear headings and sub-headings in a report. Also, ensure that each section and sub-section is clearly identifiable. For this, you should use proper numbering or notation system.


Though content is “king”, but you should pay due attention to the appearance of the report as well. A report with a proper layout, format, and print is bound to attract attention of the readers. On the other hand, if the pages are overcrowded, print is not clear, and font is difficult to read, then, the readers may ignore even the best work.

Check For Errors

Before releasing a report, you should check for typing errors, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, technical errors, and inconsistencies in data. Any flaw in the report could adversely affect your image.

Technical report writing is a time-consuming task. There is a lot of preparation, like gathering of data and analyzing the results, which goes into writing an effective report. Therefore, do not wait until the last minute to start writing a report. You should start as soon as possible.

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