The Whys and Wherefores of Press Release Copywriting

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A press release is a source of information that encompasses factual data and reports that need to be communicated via the media – whether print, online, or broadcast – Press release SEO Writing service has therefore become a serious, formal undertaking. Very often, companies will use a press release to convey new information about their products or services to the consumer. As the information is directly offered from the source, it is generally deemed to be error-free. There are some key points to be kept in mind for writing effective press releases.

Keep it real

One word describes it the best – factual. As stated before, the information presented in the release may be used as an abstract or data source by another writer. Therefore, it is important to check and re-check the information that is being sent out. The room for error while writing a press release is not marginal, it is nil.

Follow the format and mind the flow

An attractive heading that is catchy and informative will tell the reader what the release is about. As there is a good chance that the copy will be read by journalists and other writers, one might want to spend a few extra minutes here to keep it innovative and creative, yet simple. A larger font size would denote the heading and make it conspicuous at the beginning of the release, and keeping it in third person would mark a formal tone.

The body copy or the content of the release should be concise and accurate.

Try as hard as possible to structure the content in a way that it appears to flow smoothly – avoid jarring, random, and erratic notes. One way to go about it is keying in the 5Ws and 1H (Why, Who, What, When, and Where, and How) into the initial paragraphs and then spend some time to explain them in the context of the subject for which the press release is being issued. There are times when a scientific or highly technical subject may be in the offing. In such a situation, remember to simplify the technical jargon to suit a larger target audience.

Provide contact details

Ensure that contact details of the company/individual issuing the release are included wherever necessary. Web addresses, mailing and postal addresses, and offering a one point of contact will help the reader get back if more information is required. If these details are missing, sometimes the very purpose of issuing the release – to grasp maximum media attention and leverage it – may be defeated.

Essentials of good writing such as creativity, innovation, and originality will help the press release become a successful piece of writing, making for interesting reading and effective press release copywriting

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