The Art of Press Release Copywriting

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Most business firms recognize the importance of a good press release to reach out to their target customers. Hence, press release copywriting is very much in demand.

A press release is a written document that reports an event, circumstance, or occurrence by a third party and provided to the news media for promotional purpose. These are different from a news item, as they are designed to be sent to journalists or news media and used by them to develop news articles on the subject. Besides, they are generally biased toward the objectives of their author.

Writing Effective Press Releases

Press release copywriting must serve its specified purpose of promoting its firm. For this, certain aspects have to be kept in mind:

• The title: The press release must have a strong, creative, and attention-grabbing headline. You can use questions to arouse interest, but use only one sentence. Capitalize the first letter of all words. Avoid exclamation marks as it may reduce the credibility of the news item.

• A well-written copy: A press release has to be formal but not at all boring. Always write a professional press release with the interest element intact.

• Keep it short with fewer than 500 words. Focus on the main area of interest and avoid beating about the bush.

• Avoid repetition as it may confuse and kill the readers’ interest.

• The introductory paragraph should contain physical location, including country, state, city, month, day, and year. It must be catchy with the most relevant information on the “Five Ws” – Who, What, When, Where, and Why. It should give the entire summary of the press release.

• The body: It should contain small and more than one paragraph with more detailed information. You can include quotes from major staff, customers, or subject matter experts to give a touch of authenticity.

• Proper grammar: You must use correct grammar, so as not to affect your credibility negatively.

• Factual content: Keep in mind that you are writing a press release to grab the attention of the media. It is very important to maintain factual accuracy.

• Suitable distribution: Having appropriate channels of distribution is very important to ensure that the press release reaches your target audience.

• On-time delivery is also inevitable to the effectiveness of a press release. The publicity release should be ideally issued one or two days prior to the event date. If late, it won’t serve the purpose.

• Conclusion: The final paragraph should summarize the key points of your release.

• Correct and current contact information must be given in your release.

With the help of press realease copywriting services one can bring exposure to your press realease because success of press release copywriting eventually lies in the additional recognition, brings in to your business firm.

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