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Initiated as a PR experiment in 2006, social media press release writing is radically changing the world of public relations. Traditionally, companies have used the press report as the main tool to announce important news to the industry and the general public. However, press reports have always been restricted to print media. Lately, the tremendous success of web journalism, blogging and social networking has created a huge sector and audience that is untapped by conventional releases.

Although the mainstream report can be a very powerful marketing tool, it has some disadvantages. First of all, it’s very time consuming and highly labor intensive. In addition, most reports end up becoming so overly hyped, that they’re ultimately not taken seriously by the public or target recipients.

To address these and several other issues, a journalist proposed a new type of release that would make much better use of the web technology that millions of people utilize today. Enter: social media releases (henceforth referred to as “SMRs”).

The SMR Advantage

While we may not witness the demise of press reports for several years to come, SMRs offer various benefits that their older and more orthodox counterparts cannot achieve. Since SMRs are within the realm of the web, they are capable of reaching out to far more people than an average newspaper can.

What’s more, they are able to accomplish this feat at a fraction of the cost that a company would incur for a comparable print campaign. In addition, since Social Media Marketing releases are essentially just neatly packaged information kits, there’s more scope for blogger and journalists to make creative adaptations. This in turn allows for more variety to reach the final reader.

So You Want To Write An SMR, Huh?

SEO Article Writing services is very simple. The pointers below will let you make one with the most popular and widely-used format, in just a matter of minutes.

• Contact Information (At The Very Top Of The Page): This includes names of contact personnel, phone numbers, email addresses, websites and even postal addresses, if you choose to mention it.

• Important Facts: The actual information about a new branch, product or service launch, and quarterly performance results. Usually presented in a bullet-list format.

• Quotes, if applicable: What the relevant company officials, analysts, critics or clients have been saying about the development.

• Media Material: Photos of the product, pictures of top company or launch officials, company logos, other related audio or video.

• Links: Links to other related news items or pertinent discussions on bookmarking sites, networking sites, top blogs, podcast, and track backs and comments.

• Syndication: Links to RSS/Atom feed content so that interested individuals can follow all developments on the topic.

There you have it- your complete guide to effective social media press release writing.

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