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The world of internet is virtual. People mix with each other on the internet like they do in the real world. With growing use of the internet people have started devising strategies to market websites. Search engine marketing refers to Internet Marketing service that is used to promote websites in the web world. Marketing a website ensures greater visibility in the search engine results. This results in more traffic for a site. Search engine marketing is also called social media marketing (SMM).

It is akin to Social Media Optimization, a term coined by Rohit Bhargava. This form of marketing helps in raising the awareness of a product so that more people buy it.

Types Of Social Media Marketing

Search engine marketing can be done in two different ways:

1) Adding social media features like RSS feeds, sharing buttons, social news, adding images & videos, user rating, and polling, to the content.

2) Adding promotional activities like blogging, inviting comments on various issues and other blogs, bring out a discussion topic among various members, disclosing status updates on networking profiles and more.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

1) SMM optimizes the links of a website. Websites are published for a particular reason. If somebody has a website he or she would definitely want many people to browse it. SMM serves the purpose in widening the reach of a particular website.

2) SMM aids in easy tagging and bookmarking on the websites which is very crucial for a website.

3) SMM helps to welcome or reward inbound links to a website.

4) SMM helps the content to travel more efficiently. Due to maximum interaction on websites through social media marketing, a web page receives a larger audience. This is the best feature of SMM.

5) Social media marketing helps social communities to get connected and keep in touch 24/7.

Social media people communicate and share information includes sites like orkut, face book, twitter. They keep in touch via these media. Looking at the potentiality of these sites social media marketing companies keep a close watch on them.

In short, search engine marketing goes a long way in helping a website generate the desired traffic.

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