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There was a time when an individual or organization that published unverified, false reports about another person or organization could be sued for libel. This deterred malicious rumor mongering. Today, anyone and everyone with an opinion has free access to the internet, and things are not quite so simple anymore. There is another potent force to be reckoned with online — consumer reviews.

The problem is, using the anonymous cover of the internet, anyone from a business rival to an unhappy employee, or a jealous coworker, can post reviews that can undo months of your hard work and bring down your organization, or at least, hurt its reputation, within a very short time. Now, that scary, isn’t it?

This pushed businesses and many high profile individuals to discover the usefulness of reputation management services, particularly in the context of online publishing. Where you can use the web to advertise your products and services, or build a brand reputation, others can use it to destroy that reputation. This is why you need reputation management services to constantly monitor online media, including social networks, and firefight problems before they turn unmanageable.

Creating a positive buzz and selling your brand is just one aspect of hiring Corporate Reputation Management. Nipping problems in the bud by countering negative publicity is another role that a competent internet marketing consultant must fulfill.

Many businesses wonder if they really need to hire reputation management services. After all, how hard can it be to post a few feel-good articles online? Think about it. Do you have the time to monitor Facebook, Twitter, and potentially hundreds of consumer review sites out there, almost 24/7? Are you ready to counter each negative post with thousands of reviews that play up the positive side of your business?

No matter how scrupulous you are in your business transactions, the fallout of negative internet content can be overwhelming and you need an expert by your side to handle it. Also, if costs are a concern, all you need to do is hire an affordable SEO company and Affordable SEO Services — there are plenty of reputable, honest, and experienced marketing consultants out there. Their prices are worthwhile and optimum.

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