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Press release copywriting is an extremely important facet of your profile if you are handling public relations in an organization. A press release is a means by which news about your company reaches all.

Writing effective press releases is of utmost importance and here are a few ways to write them.

Pick the news - Choose only the most important thing to write. Press release copywriting essentially includes picking up a news item and providing information on it. A good press release answers how, what, where, why, and when. It should have only the most important information about your organization, and under no circumstances should it read like an advertisement. If it does sound like one, simply rewrite it.

Hit the nail on the head - Your press release should aim at grabbing attention. The story and the intent of the press release should come in the first sentence and paragraph. This would arouse the reader’s interest immediately.

Fact and not fiction - Your press release should deal with nothing but the truth. There is absolutely no need to provide unnecessary embellishments. A story that is too beautiful or too good may not be credible to those journalists who will pick up your release. Your credibility should be maintained at all costs, and sticking to the bare facts is the best way to maintain it.

Active voice only - A press release is never written in a passive voce. Verbs in active voice lend vivacity to your release. This also guarantees wide readership.

It is a press release, not a story – Writing a press release is not a story-telling exercise. It needs to be crisp and devoid of flowery language and unnecessary adjectives.

Avoid the use of jargon - Do not use jargon unless absolutely necessary. These words are not familiar to most and it defeats the purpose of the release. Use language that is understood by all.

Seek permission - Before writing for any company, seek their permission as all companies are protective about their reputation. Ensure that all the information is validated by the concerned party.

Press Releases Writing is not merely writing. Its formatting is equally important. Remember never to write in all capital letters; always use the sentence case. Grammar also needs to be correct, besides the copy being read and edited a number of times. Remember to never embed html in your write-up. Always summarize and present facts. Following these tips will help your press release reach all and get picked up.

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