Organic SEO Consulting – What You Need To Know Before Hiring An SEO Service

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If you’ve been thinking of using an SEO service, you would have already come across the term: organic SEO consulting. This guide explains what SEO services can do for your site, and what to look for before signing a contract.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of tweaking a website such that it gets the best possible ranking on the result listings of a search engine.

For instance, let’s say Joe has an online stationery store. Joe may have great deals on stationery, but if his site isn’t designed well, it may not be among the top results for searches on stationery. This means fewer visitors and lesser sales. SEO is capable of getting sites higher rankings, thereby boosting traffic and sales.

What Is Organic SEO And Why Is It Important?

There are mainly two types of search results: sponsored, and organic. Sponsored results are paid-for ads, which are displayed by the search engine when users search for relevant terms. If Joe bought advertising, a sponsored link to his site would show in the results for “cheap stationery,” for example.

On the other hand, non-sponsored, or organic results, are displayed based on how relevant the search engine thinks they are. Typically, sites receive more traffic with good performance in organic results, rather than sponsored listings.

A high ranking organic result is a long lasting asset. Sponsored advertising links, on the other hand, last only as long as the page loads are paid for. This is what makes organic SEO consulting valuable. Below are some important considerations to keep in mind before hiring a service.

• Do a lot of research. Be suspicious of any company that is itself not listed on major search engines, has a very poor ranking, or is associated with sites that have web spam.

• Clarify what you’re paying for. Most major search engines differentiate between organic and sponsored results, but a few do not. Some SEOs promise high rankings, but give you sponsored rather than organic results.

• Remember, even a Google SEO consultant cannot guarantee #1 ranking. SEOs that claim to have special partnerships with search companies to guarantee a certain ranking should be treated with skepticism.

• Some SEOs say they’ve got you high rankings on obscure key phrases. This is useless, as those keywords are unlikely to be used much.

• Do not permit keyword-packed “doorway” pages anywhere on your site. These are regarded as a form of cloaking, and will negatively impact your ranking. Moreover, they may contain hidden links to other sites.

All these tips will help you decide which organic SEO consulting service to hire. Avoid secretive SEOs. Whoever you pick, remember to ask lots of questions and be clear on what they’ll do.

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