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The latest avenue of income generation as a writer is online article writing. Countless websites offer advice to aspiring writers of online content, giving them tips on everything from creating websites to signing contracts. However, few sites provide a guide to the key elements of an online article. If you’d like to know how and why this form of writing differs from others, this piece is a must-read.

What Sets Web Content Apart from Other Writing?

Brevity: Articles on the internet are typically shorter than their counterparts in the print media, often by 30 to 40 percent. Writing clearly and concisely requires practice. A good strategy is to write a piece, and then edit it multiple times. Weed out unnecessary words and replace wordy expressions with more direct ones. As your skill develops, you will require lesser re-reads.

Power: Web content is becoming increasingly visually complex. Most sites have a lot of colorful graphics and flash animation. This distracts the reader from the written word. Messages must be powerfully worded and skillfully displayed in order to have a lasting impact.

Connectivity: The interconnected nature of the world-wide web has greatly reduced the need for detailed footnotes and explanations in parentheses. When a concept requires further explanation, provide links to relevant and reliable sources, where readers may obtain more information. Links not only serve to enhance your page’s search engine ranking, they also help to keep your article concise.

Currency: The adage, ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ was never truer than it is today. Communication in the information age is rapid that developments in all fields are reported around the clock. As such, facts and figures reported online become obsolete in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days. Thus, you must incorporate the latest information into your online article writing.

Outreach: Online content is available to a much wider audience than print media. Ensuring a high level of clarity, using language that can be universally understood is crucial. Avoid jargon and colloquial expressions unique to a certain field or region. For example, if you compare someone to a quarterback, remember that many people don’t play American football. Readers may not get your point. This disconnect can prove disadvantageous, especially for sales letter writing.

Getting It Right:

Whether you are in the process of online article writing, or already have one or more pieces written up, the pointers above can serve as a checklist. Is your writing clear, crisp and to-the-point? Does it present the latest information, drawn from authentic sources? Critically, can it be understood by a high school graduate with a good command of English in any part of the world? If your answer to all these questions is, “yes,” you are ready to submit your piece(s) for publication!

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