Must-read Article Writing Guidelines

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Why you need article writing guidelines? Has this question ever popped up in your mind? Well, think again. The Web has become the information bank for everyone, everywhere on everything in this world; thanks to the innumerous articles making it highly indispensable.

Web articles need to answer almost all the doubts and anxieties of the readers, no matter whatever their subject of concern is. These articles range from “how to deal with trivial day-to-day problems” to more serious or difficult issues. Whatever the topic, quality and reliability form the basis of a good article. Hence, article writing for the Web is not an easy task at all. We recommend you to go through the following article writing guidelines.

Article Writing Tips

• Collect information: Get a clear understanding of the topic by reading articles on it. Once this is done, keep in mind to include maximum information in the article.

• Emphasize keywords: Use bold, different font, headlines, among others.

• Use simple language and format: Use small direct sentences and avoid any proverbs or idioms. Make use of the point or bullet format with firm imperative sentences.

• Use clear and simple titles: This must be done for maximum search engine optimization.

• Select attention-grabbing titles: This will keep the readers intrigued.

• Be creative and different: Originality is the key in article writing. It pays to be creative. Each content of article should have something different or new to keep them on in the reader’s memory.

• Do it sweet: Have a good sense of humor and use it in the article. Do not sound very stiff or formal. This will put off the readers.

• Do not settle for anything less than complete information: Make sure that the articles contain every piece of important data needed.

• Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes

• Keep it short and simple: Remember that you are writing for online users with a very limited attention span. Keep the articles short and avoid pumping too many ideas into one paragraph.

• Proper order: Write the article in a proper sequence to avoid confusion.

• Avoid pompous or marketing language. Use simple language to keep the readers interested.

• Check your articles: Ensure that your articles are perfect before you publish them.

• Use a disclaimer:> It is good to put a disclaimer at the end to avoid potential risks involved in the job.

• Practice makes a man perfect: Before you start writing for real, practice writing articles first. Get them reviewed, know your flaws, and find effective ways to fix them.These article writing guidelines can help you start. But, remember it’s not at all an easy task. It takes some time, and lots of practice and reading to become a perfect article writer.

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