How To Create An Impact With A Business Letter

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We should understand that business letter writing is different than writing other letters.

What Is A Business Letter

A business letter is a document written in formal language. It is written by one business organization to another or is a correspondence between the organization and its consumers. Business letters writing have a particular style of writing which depends on the relationship between the corresponding parties.

Letter Of Enquiry

It is also called a letter of enquiry. For instance, the covering letter sent along with one’s resume is a kind of business letter.

Letters sent by a company to different organizations seeking information are called letters of enquiry. A letter of enquiry consists of basic information like email addresses, phone numbers, order details apart from a short introduction.

Professional expertise is required for writing content of a letter . The person writing a business letter should possess fine business acumen and be well acquainted with the product or service, the business deals with.

Anatomy Of A Business Letter

A standard business letter consists of the following:

• Address and contact information of the sender

• Date of writing

• Subject

• The details of the recipient with company name, title, and address

• Salutation

• Body of the letter or matter of the letter

• Closing

• Signature of the sender

• Name of company or sender

Normally there is single line spacing in a business letter. One should refrain from using any strange font and stick to being normal.

Some Basics

Business letters should always have a margin of 1” on all four edges of it. The heading of a business letter should contain the return address with date and time. It is important to provide phone numbers, fax numbers, if any, in this section and write below the information.

The greeting is always formal. The body conveys the desired message. A skip of a single line is desirable between paragraphs. The closing is very important while writing a letter for a business purpose. It should be short, courteous and end with a comma, in sync with the heading column.

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