Google Search Engine Ranking – How To Improve Your Site’s Search Rank

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If you have a blog or website, and want to know how to increase your site’s google search engine ranking, you are at the right place. This guide simplifies the basics of search engine optimization.

How Internet Search Works

Search engines have automatic programs that traverse the vast expanse of the web. Such programs automatically visit pages, and then visit all other pages linked therein. These programs are referred to by different names: robots, spiders, web crawlers, and web wanderers.

The process of a robot visiting a site is called, “crawling”. Once a robot “crawls” a page, the page is indexed in the search company’s server. So, when a user enters a relevant keyword or phrase in that search engine, the page is listed among relevant search results.

Relevancy is determined by over two hundred factors. A key factor is a page’s importance – the pages with higher importance get ranked better. Importance is determined by the quality of incoming links to the page. Not all links are equal – an incoming link from a very popular site is more useful than several links from “little known” sites.

Improving Your Google Search Engine Ranking

The most important thing to remember for search engine optimization is that quality content is vital. Trying to increase ranking with tricks to fool search engines, will accomplish nothing. This is because, it’s improbable that such tricks will work, because modern day search engines have very sophisticated heuristic systems. Most likely the result of such tricks is that you will end up getting a poor ranking, or worse – get blacklisted.

Next, even if one does manage to fool a search engine, one cannot fool real users. Once users or customers are on your site, and aren’t very impressed with what they see, they are unlikely to stay on your site or visit again. What’s more, chances are that they won’t click on results for your site in future.

Apart From Having Quality Content That Is Regularly Updated, The Following Can Also Help

• Ensure your site is accessible to robots. Check the robots.txt file on your server, or the settings of your publishing tool.

• Add your site on the submit page of Google, if you haven’t already done so. Do not use automated submission programs, as this can get you blacklisted.

• For important content, use text instead of images or flash, as the latter aren’t properly indexed by many engines.

• Have pages focus on a particular topic. There should be no more than two topics on each page.

• Create a sitemap for users. If your site has hundreds of pages, consider dividing the sitemap into sections.

Whether you’re a newbie webmaster or an old-hat blogger, use the steps above to increase search engine ranking. In addition, you may consider obtaining Affordable SEO services to improve your Google search engine ranking. Be wary of SEOs that try to cheat the system by cramming pages with keywords, or using link farms.

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