How Easy Can be Press Release Copy Writing

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Being free of cost, a press release is the best marketing tool

There is no doubt that a press release, also known as a news release, has always been a crucial step in making public relations. A press release is also a good marketing tool, as it distributes information about an organization or an event. A well-written, simple Word document has the power to grab everyone’s eyes, and can encourage editors and journalists to give a wide coverage on the subject. A press release is considered the best way to get media attention, as it is absolutely free. Writing a press release is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are some tips and guidelines for effective press release copywriting.

• Answer all the “W” questions: A good press release should be newsworthy and it should answer all the Ws of journalism—who, what, where, when, and why. Always keep in mind that people are more interested in news than gossip. A press release that lacks news has bleak chances to get attention.

• Use simple language: Use of flowery language is simply not recommended for a press release. The language should be simple. Industry terms and professional jargon are not understood by the general public. To get 100 percent, attention target the general public, not the professionals.

• Write an error-free copy: To get full attention of an editor, remember that there should be no spelling mistakes in the press release. The editor may reject your copy if it is full of mistakes. Do not give the editor a chance to rewrite your press release. Try to write the press release in a news writing format, so that the editor does not have to spend time on it.

• Provide an interesting title: Start with an eye-catching title. To hold the attention of the readers, provide an interesting title and keep it in the bold format; also keep its font size larger than that of the body.

• Keep it short: A press release is usually used if there is open space. So, keep it short and up to one page. A lengthy press release never finds any place in a publication. Do remember that publications are short of space and you are not the only one who is sending them a press release. For good press release copywriting, you need to learn how to give all the information in few sentences.

• Perfect ending: Do not forget to include your name, address, contact numbers, e-mail address, and fax number at the end of the press release. To signify the ending, “###” is used.

Writing effective press releases can be much easier and fast if these guidelines are followed.

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