Dos And Don’ts Of SEO Content Writing

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Objective of SEO content writing

The primary objective of SEO content writing is to improve the page rank of a website on the results shown by search engines. Everyone knows that when it comes to finding anything, there is no tool comparable to the online search engines in speed, accuracy, and relevance of the search. But, there is a condition attached. Only that information will be shown which has been posted or hosted on the World Wide Web.

Once you enter the keyword which best defines or describes what you want to search, the search engine shows up some results on some predefined criteria. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique which utilizes the same criteria to improve website ranking on the search page. So, SEO is an internet marketing tool which increases the chances of site visitation by the public by making the site more visible to visitors on search engines. And, vital for the SEO purposes is the content writing work.

For making the web content SEO optimized, first does some keyword research for your type of business. This will enable you to see which keywords were typed the most by the visitors while looking for your type of business. Using these keywords, you can proceed to write. Listed below are some of the dos and don’ts of SEO content writing work:


1. Identify the keywords which can be used in writing the content for your website for the sake of promotion.

2. Identify the keywords or phrases which will be used for non-promotional article writing. These will be posted on the article sites for providing general information to the public.

3. Write on something relevant and substantial. Keyword usage should get into the article.

4. Use a keyword for the url if it is relevant for your site content.

5. Do provide the resource boxes and Meta tags where these are needed.

6. Do take a note of the different styles for different types of writings like press releases, blog writing, newsletters, reviews, descriptions, meta-descriptions, etc.

7. Focus on the content quality first and on the keyword usage later.

8. The title should be catchy.


1. Use promotional language only for your site and not for the articles used in link building.

2. Do not overuse the keywords. Most of the SEO companies prefer using a keyword density of 0.5-5%. If overused, the article will be banned for keyword spamming.

The SEO content writing services are being used by and provided for by many companies and individuals. They make use of content writers and editors experts in areas of keyword research, link building, directory submissions, and article submissions and so on. The basic objective of SEO content writing is the promotion of your website. Ironically, it is sought to be done mostly through non-promotional channels. Also, with more site visits you can expect to earn handsome revenues with affiliation and services used as marketing tools by companies. So long as the search engines keep using keywords for searching, SEO will continue to thrive. Of course, the game between search engines and the SEO services providers will become trickier and interesting by the day.

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