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The tremendous popularity of web-blogs has made blog article writing one of the most sought-after skills on the World Wide Web today. However, not every blog is a hit, and there are many reasons for this lack of success.

This guide contains the secrets used by renowned web writers. Just use the steps below to attain blogging enlightenment!

The Eight-Fold Path

1. Do You Love To Write: Blogging is primarily a means of expression through writing? Before starting off, you need to ask yourself this question. If your answer is, “Not really,” then perhaps you should select some other form of expression.

2. Decide Your Forte: While there are people who choose to write about random things, successful blogs typically have themes. Be careful, though: being too topical may narrow your reader-base. A relatively broad theme like, ‘computing’, is less restrictive than ‘quantum computing’. But, importantly, choose a subject that you really enjoy.

3. Be Bold: Don’t be afraid to express your opinions clearly. Nobody’s interested in what you had for dinner (unless you’re running a gourmet site), so pick topics of public interest. Don’t hesitate to be unequivocal, but don’t get belligerent. Desist making personal attacks.

4. Post Regularly: Readers are creatures of habit. Publishing frequently, at well-defined intervals is more likely to build your readership. Consider writing feature articles on a fixed day of the week. Avoid the pitfall of burnout. If your creativity comes in bursts, schedule some posts for later, instead of publishing a flurry together.

5. Settle On A URL: Determine early on what blogging tool to use. Explore several before finalizing on one that suits you best. Once you do this, refrain from shifting your web location too often. Not all readers will take the trouble to follow you around.

6. Edit, Proofread, and Format: When it comes to blog article writing, quality is more important than sheer quantity. Readers are discerning and don’t like poor content. Once you’ve finished typing a post, it’s not ready yet. Go over it, prune unnecessary parts, and ensure correct spelling and grammar. Repeat till you are satisfied.

7. Pick A Reader-Friendly Template: Although it’s not essential to delve deep into style sheets, some interest in web-design will do you good. There are many free templates available. Select one with decent margins and spacing.

8. Read Other Sites: Blogging is a social activity. Read people’s writing not only for creative inputs, but also to engage in discussion and get noticed. Comment generously so that people click back to your site. Write your own posts in reaction to others’ posts to start multi-blog debates.

Over And Over

Consistently implement these measures in your blog article writing, and your path to blogging stardom is laid out.

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