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With the spread of the Internet, the last few years have seen a boom in article writing. India is also not left behind in this race. Writing an article has become popular since the last few years in India, as the Internet made its reach felt in the interiors of the country as well.

Indians and Writing

English is not the national language of India, but it can boast of a very high quality of resources who are proficient in the language. Individuals with a natural flair for writing, coupled with the education system, can turn themselves into writers, script writers, among others. With scarcity of jobs, what with the rise in the youth population, it will not be difficult to find qualified people who are ready, willing, and able to provide content for a variety of media for customers across the world.

With a global professional outlook, it will not be difficult for these qualified people to provide an article writing service. People could offer their services of writing such as media and communication, writing on software products, or general everyday writing on various topics. A point to be noted is that a considerable amount of money can be earned in this field.

Various companies have set up their operations across the country, which offer various services for writing articles. Some of the key services being offered are:

• SEO-based content writing

• Creative writing

• Article rewriting

• Technical writing

SEO-based content writing is targeted at online promotions. They help generate effective business leads. A content writer has to keep the keywords in mind and write an article revolving around the keywords. Most importantly, search engines should be able to locate an article.

Creative writing is for those who have a creative streak in them, along with a good command on English. Writers can write fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, anything that comes to their mind. Writers can post their articles on various websites and earn substantial money from it.

Article rewriting is for writers who are not very creative but have the tact to convert an article into a completely new one without changing the meaning of the original article. Various companies need this kind of work to be done as they do not want to be accused of plagiarism, according to the laws of the Internet.

Technical writers are required to write manuals, user guides related to a product globally. These writers need to be technically proficient and have knowledge of their field.

With many services related to article writing, India with its urbane and semi-urbane population will definitely be able to capitalize on the gains in this field of writing.

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