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An article is the heart and soul of both print media and the Internet, as it provides the exact information a visitor looks for. The market of article writing in India is catching up with the rest of the world with its diverse talent pool, along with high proficiency in written English.

Diverse Domains to Work for

There are various domains or fields where articles play a significant role, such as the following:

• Copywriting in advertising

• Content development

• Articles for blogs

• Writing e-books

• Newsletters in the print media

• Writing for SEO

• Copywriting for brochures

• Press releases or PR writing

• Writing for sales and marketing

• Ghost writing

• Writing for academic research

• Writing books

• Writing technical content

• Content writing for training materials

• Writing user guides and manuals

• Writing children’s books

• Writing for the travel and tourism industry

Professionals in these domains get opportunities to share their experience through articles. It is also quite feasible for writers with no experience in these areas, as they can easily fetch information from the Internet and rewrite it.

Galore of opportunities in India

Currently, the market that is thriving the most is writing articles for websites. This is the most lucrative market that offers a plethora of opportunities to both budding and experienced writers. This job offers immense flexibility, as writers can work full time as well as part time at office or from home. Moreover, due to the Internet revolution, it is much easier to find an authentic content management firm to get assignments to write on. Therefore, article writing in India has become quite a sought-after job.

Outsourced SEO writing

The demand for content has increased enormously due to thriving Internet marketing, which has led to high demand and supply of content. Writing keyword-based articles is the buzzword these days because of higher demand in the Web world. A quality article with the right kind of keyword density ensures frequent Web traffic as well as return visitors. Top-notch organizations and online marketing companies are increasingly outsourcing content management to India due to the availability of highly skilled writers, cost effective article writing services and quality output.

Coming of age – Freelance writing

Freelance writing provides opportunities aplenty due its unprecedented flexibility and scope of income. The number of freelancers all over the world and in India has increased incredibly. Most importantly, there is no discrimination in terms of writing pedigree – whether it is a professional writer, a college student, or a homemaker, all get equal opportunities to prove their mettle. There have been instances where freelance writers with a full-time job later opted for writing as their major profession, as they were prolific writers and won complete confidence of their clients.

Lastly, I would like to re-emphasize India’s role as a significant contributor to the world of article writing with strong vocabulary, nice presentation, and great utility. Besides conventional professions, writing has become one of the most attractive options for people with reasonably or outstanding writing skills. So, keep surging ahead, happy writing India!!

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