Article Writing Guidelines: Think Before You Write

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It is always useful to refer to article writing guidelines before starting the task. If you are writing web content, the task becomes more demanding. The Internet is flooded with information-specific websites. It is the responsibility of the writer to ensure that the information is delivered in an easy and efficient manner. There are many things you need to keep in mind before writing an article. Five article writing tips are given below, which can give an insight view of the matter.

Article Writing Tips

First, do your research to make sure that the article delivers the right information. It should contain all the required information about the subject. Consult different resources and try to cover the whole topic in a concise and easy manner. Keep the writing style simple, informal, and interactive.

Second, you shouldn’t sound uncertain or unsure about the topic. The article should reflect that the writer has sound knowledge of the subject. Communicate your ideas with confidence and conviction. Step into your readers’ shoes and write about those things that match their interests. Try to see things from their perspective and offer them what they want.

Third, don’t use unnecessary words that may eventually make the article lengthy. Be precise and concise. Keep the language simple and pass on the information in the easiest manner possible. To avoid confusion, don’t use jargons or unnecessary terms. Write as if the reader doesn’t have much knowledge about the subject.

Fourth (one of the most important guidelines), provide the most important information at the beginning. Readers don’t spend more than a few seconds to scrutinize the page for worthwhile content. They judge a page through the first 100 words. Utilize the first two paragraphs the most and don’t try to save important things for later. You have to realize the value of readers’ time and energy. You should also avoid over-explanation of things. This makes reading uninteresting and annoying.

Fifth, develop a proper structure for your article and follow it until the end. It’s up to you to arrange the information in an appropriate manner to give an interesting look to the write-up. Starting with a small introduction about the topic and giving an idea of the rest in the first paragraph, proceed with the body and include the most relevant information first. You can use bullets or number lists if you like. End the text with a suitable conclusion.

Being a writer, if you are writting web content, you have the more responsibility to convey the right information in a right manner to the target readers. Everything is in your hand and if you follow the above article writing guidelines, your readers will always be grateful to you.

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