Article Writing Guidelines for a Beginner

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To write a good article, you must have a thorough knowledge of SEO Article Writing services. With the advent of the Internet on which jobs for article writers are advertised, more people are resorting to writing articles to earn quick income. However, not all are successful, the reason being insufficient knowledge on the subject matter on how to write an article.

How To Write An Article

Writing articles in a clear and concise manner is one of the main article writing guidelines. You should avoid using acronyms, jargons, and hi-tech words in the articles unless necessary. Every article should have a well-defined title to explain what you are writing about. The body of the article should be divided in well-organized paragraphs, limiting the paragraphs to 3-4 sentences. Providing a good beginning and a well-thought conclusion can do wonders to the article.

While writing an article can come naturally to a few people, following some basic SEO Writing service can also do wonders for beginners in this field.

1. Research the topic: With the Internet, it is easy to research on a topic. However, you must be careful to ensure that the material gathered is from genuine sources. You could also gather this information from colleagues or subject matter experts. This could add to the originality of the article.

2. Avoid plagiarism: An article should be unique. Avoid copying directly from some other article. While the information can be borrowed from another article, it is best and always recommended to write the article in your own words. If information such as specific dates or figures needs to be used in the article, it is recommended to mention the sources of information at the end of the article.

3. Collating the information: The information collected needs to be collated. This will help create a flow in the article, eliminating the need for the user to jump around the article to find relevant information. The article written should be informative and descriptive, and not repetitive.

Writing An Article For The Web

For online articles where the content is put on a website, emphasis should be on keywords. Keywords are the main points in an article and help the article to be recognized by search engines, when a person searches for information present in your article. However, you must not overuse the keywords as this could reduce the chances of the search engine picking up the article.

Article writing guidelines are the same for writing any article, either online or for any book or magazine. By following these guidelines, writing a perfect and technically correct article is not a difficult task for anyone.

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