Article Writing Guidelines

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If you are interested in writing content for the Web, following article writing guidelines is mandatory. You simply cannot afford to ignore these, as they form the basic structure on which your article is based. You should not alter these guidelines according to your style, as these are client guidelines to be strictly adhered to.

Article Writing Tips

Here are a few article writing tips that would be greatly helpful if you are keen on writing articles for the Web:

* Let the reader know immediately what he is about to read. State the why, what, who, when, and where in the beginning of an article. The reader will get a direction to what his reading will end in.

** Never put in an irrelevant point. It will confuse the reader. Organize your writing. The content should a well structured.

*** An article that is easy and has a smooth flow helps to engage the reader’s attention. Try and use words that are easy to understand and do not require looking up the dictionary. The content should make for a comfortable reading.

**** Sentences need to be crisp and not winding; use short sentences for better understanding.

***** A massive chunk of matter is not a visual treat and is not easy for the reader to follow either. It is good to divide the text in short paragraphs, each of four or five sentences.

What to Deal with and How?

Do not hold back your knowledge on a subject. Let the reader know that you have in-depth knowledge on a subject and that your content can be trusted.

Examples are the best way to make the reader understand the content. Explain the problem that you have faced and the manner in which you have resolved it.

It is not possible to explain everything in a single article. You can also provide links within your article, so that the reader could read more if he is interested.

If you are selling your product or service on the net, emphasize the reasons as to why it will be good for a customer. State its features and the reasons why buying it would prove to be an advantage.

Article writing guidelines are of utmost importance while dealing with the content. Following these would show that you take care of the client’s requirements. It is also your first step into the world of writing articles and this can be for any media.

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