Article Writing for the Internet: Guidelines and Tips

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If you are writing articles for the Internet and want millions of visitors to your website, then you must understand that the “content is king.” There are thousands of articles and an equal number of experts offering their opinion on the same subject. How do you make your articles stand out and project you as a subject matter expert? The following article writing tips will explain just that:

1. Make your content relevant: The first and foremost thing you should do is to make your articles as relevant to the subject as possible. A good idea is to read about the topic in hand and find out all common and related keywords and phrases.

2. The first and the last few lines are the most important in an article: Try to state the in the first few lines of the article what it is all about. Then state all the important information. This will capture the reader’s attention and will keep them glued to it. Summarize what you want to say at the end.

3. Reveal some of your trade secrets:This will be your unique selling point. If you can provide the readers with some unique insights, they are sure to come back for some more.

4. Be specific: Do not shoot off on tangents that do not relate to the main idea. If you are particularly well versed in a particular area of your subject and would like to go on for pages, write a separate article on it. Always ask yourself the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the topic at hand.

5. Write with clarity and brevity: Unless someone is writing a doctoral thesis, nobody likes to read page after page of mundane details just to extract a few lines worth of information. Write your articles short and to the point. But, make sure you do not miss out on any important details while you do that.

6. Get your facts right the first time: If you are quoting some facts and figures, people will assume it to be credible. Do not lose this credibility. Double check all the information you put up on your website.

7. Give examples: If the article allows you to provide real life examples, do so. Examples will create an image in the mind of a reader and drive home the point.

8. Use active voice to direct the reader: People have an innate need to be told what to do. Use action verbs to make the readers move to action. Use an informal, warm, and friendly tone – second person, active voice.

9. Keep your words simple and non-technical: Most of the content on the Internet is meant for laymen. Write in a simple style and avoid scientific and technical terms until absolutely necessary. If you have to use them, it is better to define them or provide hyperlinks to pages where the readers can look them up. The same rules apply to abbreviations and acronyms.

10. Always proofread your article: Always proofread your article before putting it up on the Internet. Ensure that your article is absolutely error-free. Typo errors and factual mistakes will make your work look amateurish.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will be on your way to write a perfect article.

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