A Guide To Business Report Structure For Professional Report Writing

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Have you been assigned the task of professional report writing? Are you thinking about how to write a business report? If yes, then you are not alone. Many professionals face problems while writing business reports. Some are not aware of the structure of an executive report, while others have inadequate writing skills to deliver an impressive report.

This guide will help you learn about the structure of a business report for effective report writing.

An executive report should contain the following sections.

Title Page

This page contains the title of the report, date of the report, and the author’s name.

Table Of Contents

To make it easy for the readers to access different sections in a long report, table of contents is included. It lists down the sections and sub-sections of the report with their corresponding page numbers.

Executive Summary

This is also known as synopsis. It gives an overview about the purpose of the report, methodology used for the research, findings, results, and action plans.

Body Of Report

Body of report consists of the following three sections:


This explains the purpose, content of the report should gives background information, necessary for the readers to understand it. If any assumptions are made during the research process, or while drawing conclusions, it is mentioned in this section of the report.


This section contains all the research data. For example, if the purpose of the report is to address the issue of poor quality, then this section contains sub-sections, like the possible causes of poor quality and how these issues can be resolved.


This is the most important part of professional report writing. All the conclusions derived from the findings are included in this section. You should carefully analyze the findings to draw conclusion from them.


Depending upon the purpose of the report, recommendations could be a corrective action, schedule, whether it would be profitable and feasible to launch the new product, plan to restructure the business, and so forth. It is best to write recommendations in points for easy readability.


It is also known as a reference list. It includes a list of sources, like websites, books, and journals, consulted for writing the report.


The main purpose of including an appendix in a report is to keep the main body of the report short, and give detailed information on various topics that may be useful for the readers. You should include only the extra information in the appendix. Any information that is necessary for the report, without which it would become incomplete, should be included in the main body, and not in the appendix.

Professional report writing is an integral part of the communication process in an organization. Therefore, understand the structure of a business report and master the skills to write it effectively.

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