15 Tips On Improving Search Engine Ranking

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The most effective way of improving search engine ranking is to use quality content. Avoid duplication and copy-pasted content. Instead, ensure regularly updated, fresh quality-content is uploaded on your site. Several other methods can assist in obtaining a higher search engine ranking. This article lists some of those methods.

Tips On Improving Search Engine Ranking

• Configure your site to be accessible to search indexing bots. Check the settings on your content management system, or set up a proper robots.txt file on your server.

• Make sure bots can “crawl” your site without path-tracking or cookie problems. Bots may not be able to eliminate different-looking links that lead to the same page, which can cause incomplete indexing.

• Ensure site pages are arranged in a logical hierarchy. Every single page must have at least one static text link leading to it.

• Create a sitemap for users. If your site has hundreds of pages, divide your sitemap into sections, with a separate map page for each section. This will help search bots too.

• Consider what your site is about, and what keywords users should use to find content related to yours site. Ensure that your content contains those keywords.

• Keep keywords density relevant. Don’t cram the pages with keywords. If you do this, you would be “keyword spamming” which can have a negative impact.

• Keep the topics on pages focused. Maintain separate pages for different topics, for keywords optimization on each page.

• Do not overload pages with links.

• Avoid hidden links at all costs, as they are alleged as “cloaking.” This can get your site blacklisted.

• Be very wary of link schemes that claim to help in improving search engine ranking. Such schemes typically have a network of “affiliates” and spam sites linking to each other. Do not link back to such sites, as this can negatively impact your site’s ranking.

• If you do join an affiliate program, ensure that your site is adding genuine value to it, and that the network doesn’t have sites with duplicated or spam content.

• Do not duplicate. Multiple sub domains with the same content may be perceived as web spam, reducing ranking.

• Maintain all important content in text, rather than images or flash, as bots are not be able to index rich media most of the time.

• Ensure your site also works without JavaScript, CSS, and Java.

• Test your site in a text browser like Lynx, because that’s how spiders see your site. If a lot of content is missing, consider a redesign.

All these tips can help to enhance your site’s ranking. If you’re really serious about improving search engine ranking, it may be worthwhile to consult a search engine optimization service. Ensure you hire professionals, because a bad SEO can adversely affect your site. Ask lots of questions to be clear on what they will do for your site, and how.

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